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Suggestions for Web Interfaces

In the Designs and Interfaces category of dA there seems to be common aspects of the designs that could possibly be improved by a few simple changes. These changes are what this article seeks to discuss and hopefully provide a framework to improve the quality of the web interface submissions, allowing users to give better comments on those submissions. %%egg3%%

Issue #1 : Poor/No Descriptions
An important aspect of interpreting web interfaces is understanding what they are for, with this information it them becomes possible to comment on the relative success of the design in achieving the situation outlined by the description. Though it is true to some extent that an analysis of the success can be taken directly from the design, this is often difficult as the designs that appear are incomplete and at times confusing as to what the purpose of the site is. A description therefore would also have to act as a guideline to understanding the interface as well as describing the context.

There are situations where the design is not produced specifically for someone and, in many cases, it is simply the designer expressing their skills and wanting to get feedback from the community. This is a perfectly valid goal, but in giving the deviation a better description, the commenter will be better able to critique the interface.

In order to do this it would be worth considering the interface as being specifically designed for a particular goal, outlining how the deviation has reached these goals. Though the field of web interfaces allows for great visual art, its goal should be to provide a usable interface, and with regards to this all interface should be considered as to how people will use them.

Issue #2 : Lack of Content
There is a need when producing a finalised interface to show how the main bulk of content will be displayed. This is something often missing from designs thought to be complete and greatly diminishes the ability of people to give effective comments on the design. This includes many things such as headings, sub-headings, links, thumbnails, lists and any kind content that might be found on a website.
Understandably some designs aren’t complete, and so the layout of content might be difficult to produce. There are standardised methods of using filler content to give an impression of the final design. These use non-copyrighted texts such as lipsum. The filler content can then demonstrate how the real content will be displayed.

Issue #3 : Copyrighted Images
A common mistake used by some in creating web interface is to use image from sources that may contain copyright. This is something to consider when designing your page, and making sure that your images come from sources that are not protected by copyright. There are many resources for stock images on the internet, include dA’s stock gallery.

If you have found an ideal banner image to use on your website and you are unsure of whether it is ok to use it, please make an effort to contact the creator and get permission for its use.

Issue #4: Linking to Real Content
Within the context of dA’s web interfaces gallery it is often difficult to get an idea of the functionality of an interface purely from one graphical image. Where possible it was be extremely helpful to have a ling to the working website so that people can get a clearer picture of how it functions.

This would enhance users' ability to fully understand what the website does, as well as examining the underlying workings of the website and being about to give good feedback as to improvements.

There are many things to be considered for designing web interfaces but the two most important things to think about for submitting deviations on DA are:

:bulletblue: Make your description as helpful as you can
:bulletblue: Including content to demonstrate content styling

I think that making an effort to do this would greatly increase the web interface designs section and make it much easier to make good comments and develop better web interfaces.

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